Emotional Atyaachar by Girls PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iresh Gupta   
Thursday, 09 May 2013 10:59
This is an article written by an 18 year old boy Iresh Gupta on how girls manipulate boys emotionally. The article appeared in the May issue of Glimpse Magazine Worth reading. If the image is not readable, it can be downloaded and then enlarged.
The Gender Discriminatory Laws of India PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Thursday, 02 May 2013 12:51

An article authored by me titled, "The Gender Discriminatory Laws of India" has appeared in the Glimpse Magazine, Chandigarh. Here's a scanned version of the article below. In case you find it difficult to read, you can download the image, enlarge it and read it.

Urge to woo women promotes misandry in men PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:27

See the ad below,

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This video clearly shows how much of misandry (male hatred) exists within men and how much they discriminate against each other, compete against each other and look down upon fellow men, just to woo a woman for some company of hers. This attitude of men is extremely harmful for men themselves as it impedes the path to the development of a compassionate society for men. Due to which, today men are suffering and do not find any kind of support when they are tortured by a woman.

Men's Rights Groups' View on Newly proposed Rape Law: Importance of Gender Neutrality PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Wednesday, 13 March 2013 14:23

The Rape laws are already misused and a lot of innocent young men have suffered due to false allegations by unscrupulous women. Misuse of draconian laws takes away people's faith from Judiciary, courts, law enforcement system and finally democracy itself.

The famous false rape cases include ones against film director Madhur Bhandarkar, Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha P.J.Kurien and Rahul Gandhi. The other famous case is that of a false rape case filed by an American woman on 6 innocent young students of TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Pune. They were aged between 19 and 22. They spent 18 months in prison and then they were found to be innocent by the magistrate court and also the High Court.

We are also seeing a trend wherein media reports suggest that the Government has bowed down to pressure from women organizations. Who are these organizations? What credibility they carry? We, the people of India, have not elected these women organizations and will not allow hijack of the law making process by these organizations with vested anti-male interests. It does not look in good taste when the Government appears to be bowing down before a few women filled with hatred for men.

We have neither elected the communist MPs who keep on passing dissent for every issue and hijack the smooth proceedings of parliament. Communist MPs are extremely anti-male in nature and they must not be listened to. Also, laws cannot be drafted in media studios. Media must be issued an advisory on this, so that it does not cross its limits and anti-male forces in the media are disabled.

Feminists are like Frankenstein monsters – Be wary of them PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 02:15

The weeks following 16 December 2012 have witnessed unprecedented male hatred being propagated in the media by the feminists and the feminist media. One incidence of gruesome violence was made a national issue and social outrage was provoked by the media keeping aside all other issues of the country, which led to the formation of a committee headed by Justice JS Verma, which came out with another set of draconian anti-male blind measures which even seemed to bypass the Government’s long pending decision of making the Sexual Assault Law gender neutral.

Now, the interesting thing here is, that the Justice Verma committee gets formed due to one alleged incident of gang-rape and murder over-hyped by the media and fuelled by feminists and they come out with recommendations like,

  1. Include punishment for marital rape wherein even the consent by wife is ignored if she complains,
  2. Remove misuse clause from Sexual Harassment Workplace,
  3. Harsher Punishments for eve-teasing, stalking, acid attack etc.

Trailer of first ever movie on misuse of 498A (Dowry Law) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Friday, 19 April 2013 13:57
Acknowledgement of Misandry - not a new phenomenon PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Thursday, 04 April 2013 10:09

When one listens to the lyrics of the song - "Aise na the hum" from the Hindi movie "Saajan ki Saheli" released in 1981 starring Rajendra Kumar, Nutan and Vinod Mehra, it gives us a feeling how much is a man discriminated agaisnt when a woman is scorned at him for whatsoever reasons. Society expects men to keep women happy at all costs under the cute name of "Gender Equality" but does not reciprocate the same on women. This leads to abuse of men as a result of which every year 80000 men commit suicide in India compared to 40000 women approximately.

Read the whole article to know the lyrics.

Inviting suggestions to draft law for protection of men PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 01:08

Confidare Research and INSAAF invite your views, comments and suggestions to draft India’s First ever law intended to, protect men, titled as Saving Men from Intimate Terror Act (SMITA). This Act aims at safeguarding men from the terror inflicted on them by their intimate partners in an intimate relationship. We look forward to your Valuable Suggestions for making this historic law. Feel free to mail your suggestions to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Inviting suggestions for drafting law to protect men

PRESS RELEASE: Ban on Vishwaroopam is another form of legal terrorism claims men’s rights organizations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virag   
Friday, 01 February 2013 18:41

Subject: Ban on Vishwaroopam is another form of legal terrorism claim men’s rights organizations

Men’s rights organizations in India, under the platform of Save Indian Family (SIF), collectively, categorically and severely condemn the ban on Kamal Hassan’s movie – Vishwaroopam.

SIF, the umbrella organization of men’s rights organizations in India, working towards creating awareness of men’s problems, supporting distressed and victimized men, demanding gender neutral laws, protesting against misuse of anti-male laws, has termed the current ban on the movie Vishwaroopam as yet another form of legal terrorism in India, where democracy and right to free speech are becoming emblems of mockery.

SIF and its allied NGOs like Save Indian Family Foundation (Bangalore), Save Family Foundation (Delhi), Men’s Rights Association (Pune) to name a few, have a completely neutral stand on the content of the movie.

They neither support nor oppose the movie and its content and make a categorical statement of not taking sides with any party involved in the Vishwaroopam controversy.


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