Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

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With more and more enterprises managing supply operations that reach farther and farther from headquarters, qSupply Chain Security: International Practices and Innovations in Moving Goods Safely and Efficientlyq could not be more timely or well-targeted. This comprehensive two-volume set is the first look at the present and future of supply chain management, and the full range of threats to supply chain security. Each volume oqf Supply Chain Securityq focuses on a specific area: the first explores the historic context and current operational environment in which supply chain security must function. Volume Two is a look at emerging issues that includes proven, innovative steps companies and governments can take to counter the inherent risks of moving goods and people more safely and efficiently. Reflecting its subject, this resource is truly global in perspective, with contributions from 18 countries and over two-thirds of its contributors from outside the United States. No company that does business internationally should be without this essential resource.A practical, global-centric view of how to make the worldwide supply chain safer, more resilient, and efficient. * Comprises 24 chapters combining original, cutting-edge research and insight * Includes the work of 35 expert contributors, ...

Title:Supply Chain Security
Author: Andrew R. Thomas
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2010


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